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From design to actual implementation – we offer induction equipment solutions! We have specialized on induction lines for waste utilization.

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Induction products

Authorized dealer of CEIA induction heating systems.                                                                                          

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Reuse your waste with an induction line

TL Solution Oy creates sustainable solutions for various industrial operators within forest, metal, mining and energy industries. We develop and manufacture induction lines that allow the separation of materials without damaging the pieces. The lines are automated, making them fast, safe and affordable to use. Savings come from energy efficiency and personnel costs. 

Improving profitability in innovative ways

In the ever-toughening global competition, companies need to operate innovatively to improve profitability. Yet at the same time, environmental values have become more significant. Re-using metal-rubber compounds has been problematic because of different coatings and vulcanizations. Separating this waste cost-efficiently requires heating. We will help you utilize metal-rubber waste and find keys to technical solutions.

Efficient, yet sustainable operation

The importance of energy and material efficiency in production will grow even further in the future, and the processability of waste becomes more important when evaluating the environmental effect businesses have. From this point of view, efficiency means following the principles of sustainable development, where waste is utilized as effectively as possible. Induction processing metal-rubber compounds is safe for the environment, as the materials are separated from one another at low temperatures. The development of methods and machinery achieves results in terms of efficiency and cost savings. Induction treatment is a sustainable choice, as the heating process can be optimized efficiently and the heat losses can be kept low.

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